Welcome to Indus Holdings

Established in 2014, Indus Holdings is a privately held and diversified Company with focus on real estate in different cities of Pakistan and internationally. The company has its head office in Karachi, Pakistan. The leadership of Indus Holdings comes from different backgrounds but what they have in common, is their experience and passion for the real estate industry. They have been involved in this industry since more than 15 years in brokerage services, building & construction and investments locally and outside Pakistan. The leadership understands the requirements of their clients keeping in view their individual risk / returns appetite, their portfolios and quality needs. They are focused in delivering exceptional and personalized customer service by empowering employees, celebrating diversity and encouraging thought leadership with an ethics driven corporate culture. The leadership is committed in working for the welfare of the societies where they work.

Director’s message:

Indus Holdings aims to be at the forefront of luxury real estate developments and rewarding investments since its establishment. During our management’s professional life they have strived to build a reputation for providing the highest quality properties and most lucrative investments in Pakistan and abroad.
Indus holding’s roots lie in the building of quality residential/commercial properties as well as management of our investor’s portfolios in the most profitable manner. While this remains at the heart of what our company does, we take clients as our partners who need to be satisfied at all times. We are pleased to see the level of commitment provided by our qualified personnel in regards to servicing our customers to continue earning a reputation of integrity, service and diversity that is unmatched in our industry. We recognize opportunities and react to change in market conditions well ahead of our competition. Indus Holdings is managed and supervised by experienced directors, who administer compliance with the company’s strictly monitored Corporate Governance Policies. It is ensured that all applicable regulatory principles and policies are observed by every employee of our company.We would like to thank all of our stakeholders who have continuously trusted and supported us.We are always looking forward to build further on our areas of expertise to continue helping our customers bring alive their dreams.